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The club is pleased to be able to offer teams the services of our club coaches to lead or assist with the delivery of trainings.

You can choose to engage a lead or assistant coach
Teams can choose to engage a club coach at a cost of $670 for a lead coach or $430 for an assistant coach (including GST). This is unchanged from last season.
This will provide the team with one training a week, at one hour per training (plus set-up/pack-up/preparation).  The cost factors in a break in trainings over school holidays and a number of cancellations due to ground closures.
We may be able to also organise for the coach to attend team games.  We will have to figure this out on a case by case basis because some coaches will have other commitments on Saturdays (such as their own games), and can't be in multiple places at the same time (if they are coaching a number of teams).  The cost for this will be the same as having a coach attend trainings (ie. an additional $670 or $430).
The difference between a lead and assistant coach
Lead coaches are those we have identified as being able to plan and run trainings without parent support (though we would encourage parent to work alongside them so that can learn from the club coach, and for consistency of focus/approach if the parent will be leading the team on game days).
Assistant coaches are those we have identified as being able to help a parent coach with delivery, but would need some support and oversight. They are largely players from our u17 age group, so have strong connections with the club, experience with our coaching style and approach, and we know them well.
Next steps
We encourage team members/parents to discuss between themselves and decide whether they wish to take up this opportunity.  If you do, you should confirm with your grade coordinator (or by email to
a) whether you want an assistant coach or a lead coach;
b) when and where the training will be (if known); and
c) a parent contact (name, email address and phone number).
We will then allocate a coach by Easter (before the season starts, but allowing time for teams to consider the option and make a decision, and for us to then work through allocations).  


Payment is made through the club, not directly to coaches.  We will provide payment details once your coach has been confirmed.
Please note that we currently have a limited number of coaches available, so it will be first-in-first-served if required.

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