Womens Football

If you’re looking for a team for 2021, you probably already know that finding a good fit is pretty key. So is Waterside Karori the right home for you?


Our women's first team play in the W-League, Wellington’s top flight competition.


We train hard and we play to win through possession-based football. To slot in with Waterside, you essentially need a willingness to learn. Our team is coached by the dedicated and highly qualified Sam Morrissey and Nigel Burn. These gentlemen dedicate a lot of time and energy to the team, and the main thing they ask for in return is the right attitude and dedication. We’ve found that the rest will follow.


In 2021, and are keen to hear from anyone who wants to be there with us. Get in touch with Sam (sam@karorifootball.co.nz) to talk more or to come along for a training session.

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