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WKAFC Female Football CJ Bott Financial Grant

In 2019 FIFA launched the FIFA Women’s World Cup Club Benefits Programme.

The programme consists of a fund designed to reward clubs for providing players with a professional football pathway, underlining FIFA’s commitment to help grow the women’s game.

FIFA has identified and started distributing funding to eligible beneficiary clubs. It aims to encourage and incentivise football clubs to continue developing talent in the women’s game.

Thanks to CJ Bott’s participation in the 2019 World Cup, Wharfies are a beneficiary club. CJ Bott began her senior football journey in 2009 at Waterside Karori.

We want to use this to further the development of girls and women’s football at Waterside Karori.

Female footballers playing Karori Senior Women’s football in 2020, and who are entering their first year of tertiary study in Wellington, can apply for a direct cash grant of up to $500 to assist with their football related expenses.

Successful applicants will be selected by CJ Bott and the club.

To submit an application for a 2020 grant complete the online form link.

Submissions close Feb 20th 2020.

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