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swifts WINTER
training programme

Juniors 9 - 12 

Welcome to the Swifts Talent Centre programme

On this page you will find key information regarding the upcoming 2023 winter season



The winter training programme begins:

- Tuesday 28 March 2023


The winter training programme ends:

- Thursday 21 September 2023

U9 - U12 Timeslots:


Trainings are held two times per week at Terawhiti Turf  as follows:

Under 9s:   Tuesdays and Thursdays 4pm - 5pm

Under 10s: Tuesdays and Thursdays 5pm - 6pm

Under 11s: Tuesdays and Thursdays 6pm - 7pm

Under 12s: Tuesdays and Thursdays 7pm - 8pm


There are no trainings over school holidays or on public holidays.


An email notification will be sent out no later than 2 pm in the event that training conditions are deemed unsuitable. 

Image by Ryan Clark


Players U9-12 must register and select 'competitive' and attend the team allocation days to be considered for the Swifts Talent Centre programme. 

What are Team Allocation Days?

These are an extension of our summer training programme to ensure all players still playing summer sport can be observed by the Swifts coaching team and place players in appropriate teams for the winter season. 

How does a Team Allocation Day work? 

There will be two opportunities to attend team allocations days. Players will be placed into a team and play a festival type format of small sided games for our Swifts coaching team to observe players. 

Team Allocation Day Dates:

- Sunday 5 March 2023

- Sunday 19 March 2023

To register for these sessions, please complete the Junior/Youth registration form here or (for returning players) through your Friendly Manager account, and select 'Yes' under 'Do you wish to trial for a selected team'.

Allocation Day Timetable

U12:  9 - 10:15 am

U11: 10:30 - 11:45 am

U10: 12:15 - 1:30 pm

U9:   1:45 - 3 pm

Please ensure you arrive 15 minutes before the start of your age groups session and sign in with the administration team.

Sessions will run for 1 hour 15 minutes total.

How are teams formed? 

There will be 4 teams available to allocate players into if the demand is there. 

Players will be split by ability initially, forming two pods of players of roughly 20 (x2), from here players will be placed into 'balanced' teams, meaning that there will be no traditional 'A team' for any grade in 2023. 

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Games are held on Saturday mornings at various ground locations around Wellington. Swifts trainings teams will play together for their game day.

On the weekend teams will wear the Waterside Karori AFC club colours (In the event that you play another Waterside Karori AFC team you may opt to wear the Swifts kit).

Game Day Fixtures

All game day fixtures can be found at the Capital Football website here. Fixtures are updated on a weekly basis.

Game Day Purpose

Game day is another opportunity for our players to develop, not win at all costs. Please allow them to express themselves and make mistakes. Game day is the most exciting part for a player. We see this as an extension of their training.

Swifts Summer



Swifts teams have access to the various tournaments that happen locally and nationally. The Swifts Coaching team will predetermine which team will go to which tournaments.  We endeavour to provide all Under 9 - 12 Swifts Talent Centre teams with a minimum of one tournament experience.

Pre-season opportunities

Kapiti Tournament

Mazengarb Park, Paraparaumu


Eastbourne Tournament

Days Bay, Eastbourne

In-season opportunities:

Wynton Rufer Tournament

Hutt Park Lower Hutt

Karori Cup

Upper Hutt Football Club, Trentham Park


Post-season opportunites: 

Western Suburbs Tournament

Endeavour Park, Whitby

Douglas Villa Tournament

Park Sports Ground, Masterton


Your team may decide to enter additional tournaments outside the Wellington region, such as those in Taupo, Auckland or Christchurch.  Entry into these tournaments is optional and at the cost of those participating. Where required the Swifts Coaching team will pick players based on their holistic progress during the winter season.

Karori Cup

The Karori Cup is an annual fixture between Waterside Karori AFC v Upper Hutt City Football Club. It involves two teams from each of the junior grades and combined results determine the overall winner for the year.

Swifts Youth 1_edited.jpg


2023 contribution fee: $515

The Swifts Talent Centre programme is an additional service to the Waterside Karori AFC membership fee and therefore all Swifts Talent Centre participants are required to pay a Swift contribution fee. Please note that the Swifts Talent Centre programme is optional as well as selection based. You are still required to pay for the standard Waterside Karori AFC Winter Registration Membership to play during the winter season.

What does the contribution fee cover?

The contribution fee helps to cover some of the cost of:

  • A training programme that adopts the long term player developed approach structured to support individuals through a safe, challenging and enjoyable football experience. 

  • Access to a professional, experienced and qualified coaching team who support the coordination and delivery of the programme during the winter season.

  • Access to appropriate facilities including the junior football specific Terawhiti Wilf Glover Artificial Turf, small break out room and bathroom facilities.

  • A like minded training environment that supports individual player development, leadership skills and lifelong relationships.

  • First priority team entries into Wellington based Tournaments during pre-season, in-season and post-season competitions.

  • Access to additional Game Experiences against local, national or international teams (Subject to player/team availability).

Waterside Karori AFC is a not-for-profit charity and is proud to offer the Swifts Talent Centre programme. We aim to keep the cost of the programme as low as possible, with the support of grant funding and sponsorship.  


Payment details


Players selected for Swifts will be asked to register online before the start of the season. Payment can be made in instalments over the course of the season.


Please contact us about alternative payment arrangements if making payment in full will be difficult for you.



All players are expected to wear the Swifts training kit to all Swifts trainings.

The kit is made up of a black top with the Swifts logo on the chest, black shorts and black socks.

Kit can be purchased online from Ultra Football here.

Ultra Football also offers some optional extra Swifts gear, including Swifts hoodies, warm up pullovers, and club merchandise (see here - including rain jackets).

We have a training kit for the programme for a number of reasons:

  • it provides consistency and builds a sense of team on the training field and between squads

  • it sets the scene - players are expected to behave and train according to the Swifts values and rules whenever wearing the kit

  • it makes it easier for coaches to create clearly identifiable teams within training sessions (vs mixed colours)

  • it provides an alternative playing strip if one is required

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