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A message from your WKAFC Executive Committee

We acknowledge and appreciate the unprecedented turnout for the recent Club AGM. We believe this reflects a membership that continues to be engaged and wants to be involved in the running of our Club.

The Executive convened their first meeting on Monday 4th March where a Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary were elected unopposed. The full committee is: Chairman Antony Buick-Constable Vice Chairman Tony Straugheir Secretary Glenda Schmitt Treasurer Matthew Valentine Brodie Wilson, Mike Colson, Lincoln Matthews, Ross Marett JUNIOR / YOUTH – WE NEED YOUR HELP! As noted at the AGM the Executive is currently undertaking a review of the Club’s strategic plan and governance structures. A key objective of this review is to ensure that our diverse membership is appropriately represented and that we are making the most of the skills, experience and contacts of our community - so that we can provide our members with the best footballing experience possible. The Executive has progressed an initial draft strategic plan and updated governance model, drawing on external expertise and with reference to best practice models employed by other clubs and organisations similar to ours. This work is ongoing and more detail will be published in due course. In the meantime, and as a first step, the Executive proposes to formalise a junior committee and seeks volunteers to assist with a number of key roles.

We encourage you to consider the roles described below and, where you think you could contribute something, put your name forward by emailing Glenda Schmitt at

Junior committee members The junior committee will help orchestrate the successful delivery of social football and Swifts programmes, PDP to U19’s, and key areas like grounds, gear, tournaments and sponsorship (allowing the Executive to focus on core governance, oversight and financial functions). It will also provide leadership for the Club’s junior grade coordinators and other volunteers. The Executive will work with the committee to establish the necessary standards critical to the Club's ongoing success. The committee will include up to 7 members appointed by the Executive.

If you are interested in being on this junior committee please send an email to Glenda Schmitt at by 20 March 2019, including a bit about yourself and the experience or skills you will bring.

Sponsorship and fundraising We are seeking a small group of people to help drive junior and youth focussed sponsorship and fundraising initiatives. We believe that there are a range of opportunities for the Club to tap into our local business community and run fundraising campaigns so that we can keep the cost of football for our junior players as low as possible. Let us know if you have ideas or contacts and would be keen to provide a small amount of time to help develop and implement an action plan.

Communications We need one or more volunteers to support existing volunteers in drafting and publishing regular Club communications. Tasks include:

  • Club newsletters: collating and seeking input from across the Club and developing this into a finished product for sending by email.

  • Swifts “Team Talk” emails: collating input from the Swifts coaching team, and finalising and sending fortnightly communications (along with other Swifts communications from time to time).

  • Facebook: creating and posting social media content.

Kit and merchandise Each year the Club offers club merchandise (such as beanies, hoodies and jackets) for sale. This provides a great way for our members to buy reasonably priced gear and represent the Club, while acting as a fundraiser to support community football programmes.

We need one or more volunteers to help with the process of advertising, ordering and distributing Club merchandise, including Swifts Talent Centre training kit. This is not a huge job, as we have existing suppliers and an efficient online ordering system, so would simply require some good organising.

Again, If you are interested in providing assistance with any of these roles please send an email to Glenda Schmitt at

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