The Swifts Talent Centre is Waterside Karori's high performance programme, for all players selected to play in streamed competitive teams.  

It's purpose is to provide ambitious players with more opportunities to train and play in a fun and professional environment. 


This includes:


  • more trainings, games and other development options, with up to 5 trainings per week and access to 'wrap around' programmes (like video review sessions, fitness and athletics sessions, and one-on-one mentoring);


  • a structured and enjoyable full-year training curriculum;

  • a single, consistent environment, that engages and challenges players;


  • friendly, professional and qualified coaches and administrators;


  • a clear pathway from junior football to youth football to senior football; and

  • access to training opportunities and scholarships in New Zealand and overseas.



The name “Swifts” is a reference to Waterside Karori’s past. The Wellington Swifts (later named the Karori Swifts) was formed in 1894, and merged with Waterside AFC in 1987 to form Waterside Karori. The Swifts Talent Centre revives the Swifts name.



The Swifts logo references the programme's  base at the Terawhiti turf - the name Terawhiti being an interpretation of “te ra whiti” or “the rising sun”, and the logo being a representation of the sun rising over the Karori hills.


Step one: Inspire growth mindset.


Provide players with programmes and opportunities that inspire them to develop into the best player they can be. 


We want players to fall in love with the game, have fun, and build habits for life - such as hard work, commitment, pursuit of excellence and enjoyment.


Step two: Offer a one environment pathway.


New Zealand Football’s strategic plan states that "the development of players should take place in a single environment under the guidance of highly qualified coaches to ensure consistency of learning.”


To achieve this, New Zealand Football is encouraging clubs to lead and deliver comprehensive development programmes from “cradle to grave". Swifts Talent Centre achieves this by providing:​

  • more trainings, games and other development options;

  • a structured and enjoyable training curriculum, in a single and consistent environment;

  • a positive and professional environment that engages and challenges players; and

  • a clear pathway from junior football to youth football to senior football. 


Step 3: Help players to reach the next level.


Provide players with new opportunities to pursue their passion for football.


For example:​

  • Waterside Karori senior teams have an increased focus on youth development, with a significant number of u17 players now playing in our 1st, reserve and third men's teams;

  • we have a strong working relationship with other leading academies and clubs around Wellington and New Zealand, allowing us to provide opportunities to play them in friendlies and tournaments.

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